It's Fluff VS Ruff In The 12th Annual Puppy Bowl

Category: Sports / Jan 20, 2016 2:30PM EDT

More than 80 puppies pawed their way to New York to be a part of the 12th annual Puppy Bowl taping in October of 2015.

This latest annual production of the Puppy Bowl featured more than just dogs and had executive producer Melinda Toporoff juggling animals of many breeds.

"We have a few new participants," she said. "[The referee] has a sidekick this year, another being in stripes, a little skunk who is going to be helping out with some of the calls. We have a turtle streaker, we'll see how that goes. And our chicken cheerleaders, they are actually Silkies, they look like Muppets, they look sort of like cheerleaders frankly," explained Toporoff.

The game was founded as way to raise awareness about pet adoption and offer an alternative to those not interested in the Super Bowl.