Derek Jeter Talks Retirement And How He Is “Looking Forward To Doing Other Things”

Category: Sports / Feb 19, 2014 2:53PM EDT

New York Yankee fans have been grieving after their golden boy Derek Jeter announced he would retire after the season, after 19 years playing baseball for the iconic New York team. Jeter spoke of the retirement, but made it clear that he is still focused on the season ahead:

 "Parts of 20 seasons that I've been playing here in New York, and parts of 23, if you count the minor leagues, so I just think I've done it long enough and I look forward to doing some other things in my life, but I can't reiterate enough, we still have a season to play," 

Jeter is not only a living legend to Yankees fans, but he is truly a talented baseball player and an icon of the game itself. The world will now have to wait and watch to see what he does next.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters